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Welcome to the Fortune Cookie 500 Club - a fan site in English dedicated to the king of Taiwanese rock, Wu Bai, and his phenomenal band, China Blue.
WU BAI & CHINA BLUE are (below, left to right):
Remember, everyone.....there are
FOUR of them in the band, and the amazing music that is Wu Bai and China Blue couldn't happen without each and every one of these guys.

On keyboards,
Yu Da-Hao 余大豪 (nickname 大貓 Da Mao - Big Cat)
Songwriter, lead vocal, guitar,
Wu Bai 伍佰 (nickname meaning "500" - real name Wu Jun-Lin 吳俊霖)
On bass,
Zhu Jian-Hui 朱劍輝 (nickname 小朱 Xiao Zhu)
On drums, all the way from California, USA
Dino Zavolta 大力打鼓
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China Blue's second incarnation is ABS, All Blues and Ska  (or as some say, All Bull Shit), with Dino singing AND drumming, woohoo!  Check out some photos at and some videos at
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Photo Gallery
(yes, mostly Wu Bai because he is the most beautiful man I've ever seen!)

DVD/VCD screen shots:

The Love of My Life
White Dove
Don't Be Afraid, Miss
Return to the Hometown
Norwegian Forest
The King of Live
You're Drunk, My Dear
God Help Me
Time and Tide - a Tsui Hark Film
Wu Bai in Black & White
Mist in the Wind
End of Love
Wanderer's Love Song
Air Alert Alarm
The Personals
Wallpaper Madness
Real World Concert Tour

Possibly the only shirtless pics
of Wu Bai in existence

Miscellaneous Photos
Wu Bai Models (really!)
Various Photos from Natari
Taiwan Photo Pix - over 70!
9 Layer Heaven Concert Pix
Song Lyrics in Pinyin and Chinese Some English Translations with more as time (and skill) allows
JC's Page - In memory of our friend who has gone ahead

from China Post
Article on Romantic Wu Bai
My Musings on the Man and His Music
Link to French Interview
The Concert Tale My experience in 9 Layer Heaven
Dong Zhi Huo @ Plush Pub experience 12/13 and 12/14/2002
2004 concert experience - five shows in Taiwan
Links to some interesting articles available on the web
Visit the Wu Bai and China Blue Official Website - it's great, but mostly in Chinese.
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My thanks to Carol, Nicole, Jeff, Ann, Weiwei, Vivien, Justin, and his mom  for their efforts, input, scanning, video capture, online research, transliterations, translations, and most of all - for sharing the Wu Bai obsession!

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